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How you can change the world

How Scooters Could Change the World.

According to the Lime app, every mile traveled mitigates roughly 350 grams of carbon. Let’s imagine a world where riding scooters is the norm and make some projections…

Say a scooter runs for 10 miles a day on average. That equates to a daily reduction of 3,500 grams of carbon per scooter.

A city with 10,000 scooters would then reduce emissions by 35,000,000 grams, or 35 metric tons daily.

Scale that up across 500 cities, which is approximately the number of cities in the world with more than one million people, and we’re now mitigating 17,500 metrics tons of carbon each day.

Let’s factor in the amount of carbon burned for the electricity to charge those five million scooters:

Producing electricity for five million scooters around the world would emit 370 metric tons, which is less than2% of CO2 produced by the same number of cars.

You can see why electricity is so much more environmentally friendly than gas.

With that electricity subtracted, the net amount of mitigated carbon equals 17,130 metric tons.

Let’s reduce this number by 20% for people who would have walked and for chargers picking up scooters in their cars. Now we’re looking at a total amount of 13,700 metric tons of CO2 mitigated by not driving a car.

That’s the equivalent of taking 105,000 cars off the roads around the world, each day.

So there you have it. Steve Jobs was once again ahead of his time. Electric scooters hold potential to make a worldwide impact. But will that actually happen?


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