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Nurse on the Scooter

Let us share you a personal story with my mom and her electric scooter

My Mom works as a public health nurse. She visits nearby homes and travels from her hospital to health center located a few km away frequently. Approximately, she travels just around 25 km per week as part of the job. And we decided to buy one scooter for Mom. Before that she was driving her car to the hospital every day but after a while she got tired of the pollution she was making even on that short trip every day. 
Also she always complained about the traffic that was not for humans to sit in one place while others are struggling for their lives. 
There was one day when she was already using her scooter and she got a phone call from one of her colleagues that a client does not answer neither his phone nor his emergency bracelet there must be something wrong but her 
colleague was not able to get there since she was with a client too. My mom knew that she has minutes to get there if there really is a situation like that. It was 6pm and the whole city was sitting in place. She opened up her scooter, put it in full energy mode and in less than 8 minutes she got to the client's address without any problem. When she went up to the men he was lying on the floor without consciousness he had a severe hearth attack before. My mom was able to take him to the hospital. The client's family arrived to the hospital as soon as they could and they were able to see their relative for the last time. He passed away after two hours.

Ever since there was not a single day when my Mom did not go to work by her scooter. 



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