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Our Latest Three Wheeler

Do you like having fun as well as improving your mobility? Many people opt for bicycles and other known ways. But, 3 wheel scooters are becoming popular nowadays. Unlike hoverboards, these are highly stable since they come with three wheels and handle.

Well, these scooters are great since they are available for adults and kids as well. Therefore, you need to check whether you are buying a scooter for your use or kids. Generally, whichever the type of kicks scooter you are buying, there are vital things that need consideration.

Among many qualities, people check includes convenience, comfort, and overall performance. To reach into these qualities, you need to evaluate the construction quality, wheel size, deck size, suspensions, bearing quality, rear wheel feeders among others. 

Es-Board at our store is going to be able to meet your needs from taking to a golf pitch during the weekends to every day use. We do believe that the three wheels are going to give you not just the best stability but also the highest riding comfort.

We are also going to give you a one year warranty on this brand new product in our store.


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