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Unlocking Top Speed (and others)

Road to Top Speed

As soon as your own WideWheel Pro arrives at your door, the first thing you will want to know is how to unlock full speed mode. It’s a much easier process than in previous versions, due to the new display, featuring two buttons. So forget strange throttle/brake/button combinations, and get ready to use… just buttons.

To access the P-settings: hold both buttons and the a brake lever for approximately one second.


  1. P0: Controls zero-start mode. Press the mode button to toggle on/off.
  2. P1: This settings will unlock top speed. Press the mode button to toggle between unlocked (-1) and locked (0).
  3. P2: This settings changes the wheel diameter. It should always be set to -08. You can press the mode button to adjust this settings.
  4. P4: This setting toggles between KMH and MPH. Press the mode button to toggle between these settings.

Press both buttons (power and mode) to exit the settings menu when you are done.

In details:

1) You need to access settings
The first thing you need to know is how to access “settings” on your display. To do so, once your Mercane Widewheel 2020 (Pro) is on, hold one brake lever and press and hold both buttons (“on/off” and “M”) for about a second.
2) Switching kick-and-go
By default, the first thing you will see is P0 - which controls the kick-and-go feature. If you would like to enable the kick-and-go feature (aka you have to kick your scooter before pressing down the throttle), press the “M” button once and the screen should display “-1”. If you would like to leave it in “go” mode, simply skip to the next step by pressing the “on/off” button.
3) Unlocking speed
The screen should now be displaying “P1” - this is the speed control setting. Similar to last time, press the “M” button to change the displayed value to “-1”, which translates into full speed/ludicrous mode. If you would like to keep the scooter in limited speed mode (with a top speed of 25 km/h), simply go back to “0” by pressing the “M” button again. To exit setting mode, press and hold both buttons (“M” and “on/off”) once again, for approximately 1 second.


In case you need further help or you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.
Email: electricmotus@gmail.com
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