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Who do we work with?

The fastest growing electric scooter-sharing system in Europe

If you live in Europe then you probably have heard of blinkee.city which is an electric scooters and kick-bikes rental company. You can rent their vehicles directly through an app. The cost is charged per minute of using the vehicle (EUR 0.30 / minute).

We could not agree more with their words:
"We provide clean and smart transport service for cities. We are offering electric scooter renting solution directly via an app for 0,30 EUR per minute and we aim to create sustainable transport in the European countries and improve sharing economy."

But what does blinkee has to do with Emotus? We interact with each other in an indirect way. What this means is that we have the same manufacturer and supplier who produce our vehicles.
The reason why this made us extremely happy is that now we feel that no more proof is needed for quality demonstration. These scooters are basically used by thousands of people on a daily basis without even the smallest hint of carefulness to keep the condition of the scooters. Which we have no problems with moreover it results that the material and building quality of these vehicles could not be questioned by any standard. 
We are proud and impressed by their job. 




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