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Why you want an electric scooter so much?

The Booming Electric-Scooter Market

Recent Studies have reported on the exciting boom taking place in the micromobility market, with some estimates predicting the global electric-scooter market at nearly 42 billion by 2030.

The US Department of Transportation reports more than 20% of all daily vehicle trips to be less than one mile and 75% to be less than 10 miles. Electric scooters have a huge potential to cannibalize a majority of these short distance trips due to growing consumer concerns for eco-friendly and cost-efficient transportation. At less than half a cent of electricity cost per mile, riding an electric scooter costs roughly one twentieth of riding a gas fueled car.

Another factor in developing the market is the growing presence of electric-scooter sharing services in urban areas playing a key role in convincing consumers about the merits of this modern style of transportation. But ultimately, FluidFreeRide believes that the freedom and fun offered by an electric scooter is what truly inspires buyers. And the market research agrees. Riding a scooter just makes people feel happy. The feeling of zipping through traffic, free and unimpeded by stopped cars, is a youthful liberation.


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